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State Council Automation Project

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Egyptian statecouncil Automation Project

As the Egyptian statecouncil aims to keep pace with recent technological development of judicial work in the modern world, it contracted ISFP to automate its business processes. The project aims at improving the efficiency of case resolution while raising the quality of courts provided services. The project scope includes:

  • Automation of the various courts of the state council: The administrative courts, Administrative judiciary, Disciplinary courts as well as the Supreme Administrative Court.
  • Automation of the state council back office: Financial, Human resources, warehouses and archiving.
  • Consultationfor the technological infrastructure needed for the automation project

The automation project provides various benefits that can be classifiedto 4 categories:

Improve the services provided to clients of the judicial system:

  • Publishing online court services: e-filing, e-payment, e-notifications,….
  • Facilitate litigation procedures to save time and expedite adjudication
  • Availing public data or remote private access to case data only for involved parties

Facilitating judges work

  • Automatic activation of the court decisions once the session is over (notifications, claims of fines, placement of proceedings in court sessions, classification and preparation of cases lists)
  • The electronic annexation of two lawsuit cases
  • Avoid registering in many paper records such as schedule records, agendas, session diaries, etc.
  • A 24/7 workspace available to the judge with all the updated resources and documents (at the court or remotely)

State council senior management

  • Minimizes human intervention in the work cycle, hence minimizing corruption
  • Monitor and control over the work cycle from senior management
  • Improves judicial processes effiiency
  • Supporting senior management in decision making by providing accurate reports and statistics

Economic and social effect

  • Improves transparency and increases public confidence
  • Improves national KPIs that measures Justice application in a certain country



About ISFP

Established in 2005, under the memorandum of understanding concluded between the Egyptian Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology and The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport.

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