INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS FOR PORTS Arab Academy For Science, Techonogy and Maritime Transport The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport is a specialized educational  institution of the Arab league engaged in teaching, training, research and community services. The  Academy is a multifaceted institution with a diversity of functions serving a multinational body of  students coming mainly from Arab and African countries. Since the Academy's inception in 1972 as  the Arab Academy for Maritime Transport, it has been educating, training, and qualifying students in  all disciplines, science and technology related to the various aspects of the maritime industry. Ministry of Transport The Egyptian Ministry of Transport aims mainly at setting and following up on the strategic goals of developing the Maritime Transport facilities in order to cope with world developments in the field of maritime transport. The different transport authorities are responsible for planning and executing the work processes and achieving the optimal level of efficiency in order to serve the national economy.   Ministry of Communications & Informations Technology MCIT’s sector development policy was translated into a comprehensive unified law, the  Telecommunication Act, which was ratified by the Egyptian parliament in 2003. MCIT policy targeted  establishing a sound institutional framework with an independent regulatory function and increasing  the competitiveness of the Egyptian telecommunications market. MCIT aims to further empower the  telecommunications sector through continued deregulation, ensuring that all stakeholders – citizens, government, operators and vendors – benefit throughout the process.  | Home | CEO Letter |  Useful Links | Contacts | Careers | Sitemap | Staff Corner |