Upcoming Solutions Enterprise Resource Planning SPS passenger SPS Trip Ticket  Initiators . ISFPor culpa aliquip Download Arabic Brochure ISFP’s Newest Projects. Sudan - single window Tripoli - Port Automation AlKhoms(Phase 3) Integrated Solutions for Ports   An Egyptian pioneer software house in the field of Transport  Automation, Integration Solutions and Business Process  Management, Integrated Solutions for Ports (ISFP) provides the  necessary expertise required to develop local and regional ports  in the field of Information Technology and Communications. Our leading enterprise modeling products and solutions enable  transport organizations to visualize, understand, analyze,  improve, audit and continually enhance complex operating  processes and IT infrastructures. With the objective of setting  new performance standards in the Transport business, ISFP  operates to create first quality transport automation systems, as  well as provide installation, operation, consultation and training  services. Established in 2005, our clientelle already includes the three  biggest Egyptian ports; Alexandria, Damietta and Adabeya,  comprising a total operational capacity of more than 80% of the  country's general cargo.  INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS FOR PORTS | Home | CEO Letter |  Useful Links | Contacts | Careers | Sitemap | Staff Corner |
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